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The project is going slowly. There have not been many SVN updates for a long time. Recently I added the node coloring to the project.

there are many refactors incoming, so please be advised that methods and fields are subject to be obsoleted or removed.

Latest SVN Update: Feb. 13 - 2013

Project Description
NodeGraph is a lightweight C# Windows Forms Control that allows to design & create Node Tree Graphs in your application.


  • .NET 3.0
  • Visual C# 2010

Currently, these features are available:

  • [NEW!] Node Connector Types & Colors! (Still need to implement a few more nodes in the sample.
  • [NEW!] Node validation icons updated.
  • Node Shadows, new event onNodePostDraw, & dynamic spawning from different assemblies.
  • Copy & Paste! of Nodes + Links
  • Create a NodeGraphPanel into your form and setup look and feel (colors, link hardness, etc.)
  • Navigate NodeGraphPanel: panning, zooming.
  • Add nodes to the NodeGraphPanel, move them, multiple select them.
  • Create and destroy links between nodes.
  • Delete nodes and corresponding links.
  • Inherit default NodeGraphNode to create custom Nodes
  • Logic & Data transport through nodes, with error collection.
  • Node comments.
  • Node color validation.
  • Make node unselectable.
  • Node Layouts can be saved and loaded from XML.
  • Template: Sample IfNode with comment to start creating custom nodes.

Roadmap and priorities (when I'll have time to implement them)

  • P1: Mutli-View Panel
  • P1: More events (NodeSelected, NodeDeleted, LinkActivated, LinkDestroyed,....)
  • P2: Look and feel improvements
  • P2: Mono Compliancy
  • P2: Code cleanup & documentation

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